Alienware 13 R1 Drivers Windows 8.1 64-Bit

Alienware 13 R1 Drivers Windows 8.1 64-Bit | Alienware M11x earlier this 12 months. Unfortunately for Dell, customers speedy commenced inquiring for an Alienware M11x with Intel Core i7 processors. Now, less than 6 months after the release of the M11x comes the M11x R2 with Intel Core i7 and Nvidia Optimus generation for automatic portraits switching. Is this the proper M11x? The solution would possibly wonder you.
Alienware 13 R1 Drivers Windows 8.1 64-Bit
Alienware 13 R1 Drivers Windows 8.1 64-Bit

We reviewed the Alienware M11x a short while in the past and the brand new “Revision 2” (R2) version of the M11x is without a doubt equal. Anyone acquainted with the other gaming notebooks within the Alienware family ought to instantly understand the design of the new M11x. In many methods the designers at Alienware tried to make this eleven-inch pocket book seem like a tiny dual of the 15-inch M15x or the 17-inch M17x. 

A big a part of that design history is the unique style of Alienware machines. Many laptops appearance all but same whilst the lids are closed, but an Alienware computer stands proud thanks to the stylized lid with futuristic traces and a silver alien head logo.  The biggest layout alternate with the M11x R2 is the new “Soft Touch Stealth Black” end. Compared to the antique smooth black finish at the original M11x, the brand new exterior feels find it irresistible’s covered in a rubberized defensive layer similar to a enterprise-class ThinkPad.
Alienware 13 R1 Drivers Windows 8.1 64-Bit
Alienware 13 R1 Drivers Windows 8.1 64-Bit

Alienware 13 R1 Drivers Windows 8.1 64-Bit

Download Alienware 13 Drivers for Windows 8.1 64-bit

Alienware 13 R1 Application

Dell Update Application Download
File Name: Dell-Update-Application_HKMCJ_WIN_1.9.60.0_A00.EXE
Size: 8.06 MB

Dell Foundation Services – Application Download

Version: 3.4.16100.0
File Name: Application_THYGX_WN64_3.4.16100.0_A00.EXE
Size: 12.82 MB

Dell Digital Delivery Application Download

Version: 3.1.1117.0
File Name: Application_T43VY_WN32_3.1.1117.0_A00.EXE
Size: 8.25 MB

Alienware External Graphic Amplifier Software Download

File Name: Application_1JY0N_WN64_1.0.27.0_A02.EXE
Size: 25.67 MB

Command Center 4.0 for Notebooks Download

File Name: Application_DCMG2_WN64_4.0.54.0_A02.EXE
Size: 101.6 MB

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi MB3 Application Download

Version: 1.00.04
File Name: Alienware-13_Application_TVDRN_WN_1.00.04_A00.EXE
Size: 74.71 MB

Alienware On Screen Display Application Download

File Name: Application_41TTF_WN_0.33.0.14C_A00.EXE
Size: 27.3 MB

Alienware 13 R1 Audio Driver

Realtek High Definition Audio Driver Download
File Name: Audio_Driver_956D8_WN32_6.0.1.7908_A06.EXE
Size: 314.02 MB

Alienware 13 R1 Backup and recovery

Dell Backup and Recovery (DBAR) Application Download
File Name: Backup-and-Recovery_Application_GX7TX_WN32_1.9.2.8_A00.EXE
Size: 178.69 MB

Alienware 13 R1 BIOS

Dell Alienware 13 System BIOS Download
Version: A07
File Name: AW13A07.EXE
Size: 5.28 MB

Alienware 13 R1 Chipset Drivers

Intel Dynamic Platform & Thermal Framework Driver Download
Version: 8.0.10100.71
File Name: Chipset_Driver_V42WJ_WN_8.0.10100.71_A00.EXE
Size: 22.16 MB

Intel Management Engine Interface Driver Download

File Name: Chipset_Driver_KVW38_WN_10.0.30.1072_A00.EXE
Size: 81.11 MB

Intel HM87 Chipset Driver Download

Version: 10.0.20
File Name: Alienware-13_Chipset_Driver_CHK8K_WN_10.0.20_A00.EXE
Size: 10.38 MB

Intel USB 3.0 Host Controller Driver Download

File Name: Alienware-13_Chipset_Driver_H1D52_WN_3.0.1.41_A00.EXE
Size: 13 MB

Diagnostics software for Alienware 13

Dell SupportAssist Client 1.2 Download
Version: 1.2
File Name: aulauncher.exe
Size: 2.12 MB

Alienware 13 Windows 8.1 Drivers for Mouse, Keyboard & Input Devices

Synaptics Touchpad Driver Download
File Name: Alienware-13_Input_Driver_KTNPR_WN_18.1.32.8_A00.EXE
Size: 103.39 MB

Alienware 13 Drivers for Network (Bluetooth, LAN, Wifi)

Dell Airplane Mode Switch Driver Download
File Name: Network_Driver_90M6T_WN_1.4.1_A00.EXE
Size: 6.35 MB

Intel Wireless 7265 Driver Download

File Name: Communications_Driver_GMM0H_WN64_17.13.2_A01.EXE
Size: 194.02 MB

Intel Wireless Bluetooth 7265 Driver Download

Version: 17.1.1440
File Name: Communications_Driver_PRXV6_WN64_17.1.1440_A01.EXE
Size: 21.62 MB

Intel Wireless 3160 Bluetooth Driver Download

Version: 17.1.1440
File Name: Alienware-13_Communications_Driver_1KH21_WN_17.1.1440_A00.EXE
Size: 40.98 MB

Intel Wireless 3160 WLAN Driver Download

Version: 17.13.1
File Name: Alienware-13_Communications_Driver_39XNM_WN_17.13.1_A00.EXE
Size: 187.07 MB

Qualcomm Killer Wireless 1525 Driver Download

File Name: Communications_Driver_VNN97_WN64_11.0.0.471_A01.EXE
Size: 68.79 MB

Qualcomm Killer Wireless Bluetooth 1525 Driver Download

File Name: Alienware-13_Communications_Driver_5TMN3_WN_3.0.0.400_A00.EXE
Size: 61.17 MB

Qualcomm LAN Killer E2201 Driver Download

File Name: Alienware-13_Network_Driver_MNXFG_WN_8.1.0.23_A00.EXE
Size: 129.88 MB

Alienware 13 R1 System Utilities

Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver Download
File Name: Alienware-13_Serial-ATA_Driver_96W24_WN_13.2.0.1016_A00.EXE
Size: 18.76 MB

ST Microelectronics Free Fall Sensor LNG3DMTR Driver Download

Version: 4.12.0057
File Name: Alienware-13_System-Utilities_Driver_0K1XT_WN_4.12.0057_A00.EXE
Size: 27.98 MB

Alienware 13 Video Drivers

Intel Graphics Driver Download
File Name: Video_Driver_R7K7R_WN32_10.18.14.4414_A05.EXE
Size: 129.89 MB

nVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M/960M/965M/970M/980M Driver Download

File Name: Video_Driver_4R26V_WN32_9.18.13.4752_A02.EXE
Size: 305.6 MB

nVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M/GTX780/GTX690 Driver Download

Version: 340.84
File Name: Alienware-13_Video_Driver_92RXT_WN_340.84_A00.EXE
Size: 296.34 MB

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