Dell XPS 13 9360 Drivers Windows 10 64-Bit

Dell XPS 13 9360 Drivers Windows 10 64-Bit | For RAM, this XPS 13 model uses a unmarried dual-channel eight GB 1600 MHz module soldered onto the motherboard. In fact, the underside cowl is clamped down via a set of small Torx screws to thwart give up-consumer tinkering, meaning future improvements of the SSD and PCIe playing cards are possible, but not going. Of direction, Ultrabook users are already very acquainted with this loss of accessibility as it's far one of the common change offs for having a lighter, sleeker, and extra integrated design.
Dell XPS 13 9360 Drivers Windows 10 64-Bit
Dell XPS 13 9360 Drivers Windows 10 64-Bit

The synthetic CPU-orientated benchmarks for the XPS 13 show that its CPU is comparable to the common trendy voltage Sandy Bridge i3-2330M in unmarried-threaded applications inclusive of Super Pi 32M (932 vs. 936) and is most effective a chunk slower  inside the multi-thread software wPrime 2.01 (716 vs. 781 factors). In CineBench 11.5R, however, its multi-thread overall performance is a leg up in opposition to the average i3-2330M in our database (2.44 vs. 2.1 points). In other phrases, the i5-3337U offers kind of comparable performance to the preceding technology popular-voltage i3 CPU at potentially half of the energy demand. When compared to the handiest other  notebooks with the same CPU in our database, the Sony Vaio T15 Touch and Acer Aspire TimelineU M3, the XPS 13 even edges them out in some of the sbove benchmarks. For widespread every day home use, we observed the ready CPU to be greater than enough.

You maybe need a drivers for Dell XPS 13 operation system Windows. On this article you can download free drivers windows for Dell XPS 13. In Link bellow you will connected with official server of Dell.
Dell XPS 13 9360 Drivers Windows 10 64-Bit
Dell XPS 13 9360 Drivers Windows 10 64-Bit

Dell XPS 13 9360 Drivers Windows 10 64-Bit

Dell XPS 13 9360 Application

Dell Update Application Download
File Name: Dell-Update-Application_G2NJ8_WIN_1.9.14.0_A00.EXE
Size: 8.07 MB
Version: ,A00

Dell Help & Support Application Download

File Name: Application_MCH9X_WN64_2.4.18.0_A00.EXE
Size: 49.41 MB
Version: ,A00

Dell Customer Connect Download

File Name: 9360_Dell-Customer-Connect_DR53F_WIN_1.4.15.0_A00.EXE
Size: 9.95 MB
Version: ,A00

Dell Foundation Services – Application Download

File Name: Application_THYGX_WN64_3.4.16100.0_A00.EXE
Size: 12.82 MB
Version: 3.4.16100.0 ,A00

Dell Digital Delivery Application Download

File Name: Application_T43VY_WN32_3.1.1117.0_A00.EXE
Size: 8.25 MB
Version: 3.1.1117.0 ,A00

Firmware Update for enabling or disabling Dynamic Brightness Control Download

File Name: APP_QHDFW_DBC_W81X64_W10X64_A00_Setup-20JWV_ZPE.exe
Size: 8.53 MB
Version: ,A00

Dell XPS 13 9360 Audio Driver

Realtek Audio Driver Download
File Name: 9360_Realtek-Audio-Driver_9NR6M_WIN_6.0.1.8205_A11.EXE
Size: 277.53 MB
Version: ,A11

Realtek ALC3266 Audio Driver Download

File Name: Realtek-ALC3266-Audio-Driver_44M2C_WIN_6.0.1.8105_A06.EXE
Size: 273.88 MB
Version: ,A06

Dell XPS 13 9360 BIOS

Dell XPS 13 9360 System BIOS Download
File Name: XPS_9360_2.2.1.exe
Size: 10.62 MB
Version: 2.2.1 ,2.2.1

Dell XPS 13 9360 Chipset

Intel Management Engine Components Installer Download
File Name: Intel-Management-Engine-Components-Installer_4J8MX_WIN_11.7.0.1035_A00_05.EXE
Size: 112 MB
Version: ,A00

Intel HID Event Filter Driver Download

File Name: Intel-HID-Event-Filter-Driver_KKGD0_WIN_1.1.1.318_A03.EXE
Size: 8.28 MB
Version: ,A03

Intel Virtual Buttons Driver Download

File Name: Intel-Virtual-Buttons-Driver_MCFJ3_WIN_1.1.1.22_A02.EXE
Size: 8.27 MB
Version: ,A02

Intel Chipset Device Software Driver Download

File Name: Intel-Chipset-Device-Software-Driver_H41NR_WIN_10.1.1.44_A07_03.EXE
Size: 10.85 MB
Version: ,A07

Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework Download

File Name: Intel-Dynamic-Platform-and-Thermal-Framework_MJTGY_WIN_8.3.10203.4295_A07.EXE
Size: 19.01 MB
Version: 8.3.10203.4295 ,A07

Realtek PCIE Memory Card Reader Driver Download

File Name: Realtek-PCIE-Memory-Card-Reader-Driver_F4C0T_WIN_10.0.15063.21300_A00.EXE
Size: 24.43 MB
Version: 10.0.15063.21300 ,A00

Intel Serial IO Driver Download

File Name: Intel-Serial-IO-Driver_TK64J_WIN_30.100.1713.2_A03.EXE
Size: 10.3 MB
Version: 30.100.1713.2 ,A03

Intel Thunderbolt 3 Firmware Update Download

File Name: Intel_TBT3_FW_UPDATE_NVM21_MHTHF_A02_4.21.03.001.exe
Size: 544.83 KB
Version: ,A02

Intel Thunderbolt Controller Driver Download

File Name: Intel-Thunderbolt-Controller-Driver_7X8Y6_WIN_16.3.61.275_A03.EXE
Size: 80.11 MB
Version: ,A03

Dell XPS 13 9360 Docks/Stands

Realtek USB GBE Ethernet Controller Driver applicable for TB16/WD15/DS1000 Dock Download
File Name: Realtek-USB-GBE-Ethernet-Controller-Driver_3XTRW_WIN_2.43.2017.505_A05_01.EXE
Size: 18.55 MB
Version: 2.43.2017.0505 ,A05

ASMedia USB Extended Host Controller Driver Download

File Name: ASMedia-USB-Extended-Host-Controller-Driver_M8TKT_WIN_1.16.47.1_A04.EXE
Size: 18.28 MB
Version: ,A04

Realtek USB Audio Driver Download

File Name: Realtek-USB-Audio-Driver_80TGT_WIN_6.3.9600.85_A04.EXE
Size: 28.04 MB
Version: 6.3.9600.85 ,A04

ASIX USB to Serial / Parallel Port Driver Download

File Name: Docks_Stands_Driver_WGNN6_WN32_2.0.2.0_A03.EXE
Size: 12.36 MB
Version: ,A03

Dell Wired Dock (WD15 / Docking Monitor Stand (DS1000 Firmware Update Utility) Download

File Name: DellDockingStationFwUp_1.0.0.8_20161220_WD15.exe
Size: 2.06 MB
Version: ,

Dell XPS 13 9360 Windows 10 Drivers for Network (Bluetooth, LAN, Wireless)

Killer Wireless 1435 1535 WiFi Driver Download
File Name: Killer-Wireless-1435-1535-WiFi-Driver_GD66P_WIN_1.3.1350_A06.EXE
Size: 122.1 MB
Version: 1.3.1350 ,A06

Killer Wireless AC 1525 1535 1435 Bluetooth Driver Download

File Name: Killer-Wireless-AC-1525-1535-1435-Bluetooth-Driver_74R3D_WIN_10.0.0.309_A04.EXE
Size: 62.67 MB
Version: ,A04

Realtek USB GBE Ethernet Controller Driver Download

File Name: Realtek-USB-GBE-Ethernet-Controller-Driver_4TRK6_WIN_2.43.2017.0505_A05_01.EXE
Size: 18.55 MB
Version: 2.43.2017.0505 ,A05

Intel 8265 Bluetooth Driver Download

File Name: Intel-8265-Bluetooth-Driver_JD2W0_WIN_19.50.0.5_A05.EXE
Size: 28.44 MB
Version: ,A05

Intel 8265 WIFI Driver Download

File Name: Network_Driver_JX18N_WN32_19.10.0.9_A02.EXE
Other formats
Size: 171.54 MB
Version: ,A02

Dell XPS 13 9360 Security

Synaptics VFS7552 Touch Fingerprint Sensor Driver Download
File Name: Synaptics-VFS7552-Touch-Fingerprint-Sensor-Driver_PPXT9_WIN_5.1.3223.26_A04.EXE
Size: 27.63 MB
Version: 5.1.3223.26 ,A04

Dell TPM 2.0 Firmware Update Utility Download

File Name: DellTpm2.0_Fw1.3.2.8_V1_64.exe
Size: 626.05 KB
Version: ,A02

Dell XPS 13 9360 Drivers Serial ATA

Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver and Management Console Download
File Name: Intel-Rapid-Storage-Technology-Driver-and-Management_MV1P6_WIN_15.7.0.1014_A00_01.EXE
Size: 40.88 MB
Version: ,A00

LITEONIT CV3 Series Solid State Drive Firmware Update Download

File Name: LiteOn CV3 FCX34_ZPE.exe
Size: 4.75 MB
Version: TCX110D; T8X110D; T8X410C ,A00

SanDisk X400 Series Solid State Drive Firmware Update Download

File Name: SanDisk X400 HV8F3_ZPE.exe
Size: 4.84 MB
Version: X4152012 ,A00

Toshiba XG4 non-SED Solid State Drive Firmware Update Download

File Name: 5KDA4103-64bit_ZPE.exe
Size: 3.05 MB
Version: 5KDA4103 ,A00

SK Hynix SC308 Solid State Drive Firmware Update Download

File Name: SK_hynix_SATA_FW_Updater_30001P10_ZPE.exe
Size: 16.43 MB
Version: 30001P10 ,A00

LITEONIT Solid State Drive Firmware Download

File Name: CWX68_ZPE.exe
Size: 1.81 MB
Version: 4XX11XX ,A00

SK Hynix PC300 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive Firmware Update Download

File Name: 20005A00 A03_ZPE.exe
Size: 6.77 MB
Version: 20005A00 ,A02

Dell XPS 13 9360 System Utilities

Dell Command | Power Manager Download
File Name: System-Utilities_Application_8MJFN_WN64_2.2.1_A00.EXE
Size: 26.85 MB
Version: 2.2.1 ,A00

Dell 64BIT BIOS Flash Utility Download

File Name:
Size: 200.57 KB
Version: A00 ,A00

Dell XPS 13 9360 Video Drivers

Intel HD 620 and Iris Graphics 640 Download
File Name: Intel-HD-620-and-Iris-Graphics-640_5GJW1_WIN_22.20.16.4735_A07.EXE
Size: 305.8 MB
Version: ,A07

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