Dell Inspiron 5520 Drivers Windows 10 64-Bit

Dell Inspiron 5520 Drivers Windows 10 64-Bit | You maybe need a drivers for Dell Inspiron 5520  operation system Windows. On this article you can download free drivers windows for Dell Inspiron 5520 . In Link bellow you will connected with official server of Dell.
Dell Inspiron 5520 Drivers Windows 10 64-Bit
Dell Inspiron 5520 Drivers Windows 10 64-Bit

Except for the low-value model, all of the notebooks comprise a 6-mobile battery of sixty five Wh. Glossy display (1366x768), operating machine (Windows 8, 64-bit) and optical power (commonplace DVD burner) are identical. 

The interface equipment is based on the everyday all-round level, which means it's far neither negative nor especially lavish. Let’s begin with the proper side, which does now not only have an optical power, however also a Kensington Lock and a USB 2.Zero port. Most of the interfaces can be found at the left aspect. Next to a few additional USB ports (2 x USB three.Zero), the person can find an HDMI and a energy port. It is unlucky that Dell makes use of a combined audio jack and a Fast Ethernet port instead of a Gigabit LAN port and that there's no analog image output. ESATA, FireWire and ExpressCard are rare in standard.

Additional flaw: due to the arrangement which is based at the the front, there's a lack of facet space while masses of cables are plugged in; unwanted collisions would possibly comply with whilst the usage of a mouse. Only a card reader is blanketed at the front.

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Dell Inspiron 5520 Drivers Windows 10 64-Bit
Dell Inspiron 5520 Drivers Windows 10 64-Bit

The Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230 module helps Bluetooth four.Zero and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz, max. Three hundred Mbit/s). In the test, the range turned out to be average.

Dell Inspiron 5520 Drivers Windows 10 64-Bit

Dell Inspiron 5520 Application

Dell Update Application Download
File Name: Dell-Update-Application_31YHC_WIN_1.9.20.0_A00.EXE
Size: 8.08 MB
Version: ,A00

Dell Foundation Services – Application Download

File Name: Application_5N67W_WN64_3.4.13900.0_A00.EXE
Size: 16.03 MB
Version: 3.4.13900.0 ,A00

Dell Digital Delivery Application Download

File Name: Application_T43VY_WN32_3.1.1117.0_A00.EXE
Size: 8.25 MB
Version: 3.1.1117.0 ,A00

Dell Quickset Application Download

File Name: Application_G75PM_WN_10.15.026_A00.EXE
Size: 25.93 MB
Version: 10.15.26 ,A00

Dell Inspiron 5520 Audio Driver

Conexant CX20672-21Z Driver Download
File Name: Audio_Driver_Y1116_WN_8.54.40.0_A00.EXE
Size: 314.9 MB
Version: ,A00

Dell Inspiron 5520 BIOS

Dell Inspiron 5520 System BIOS Download
File Name: 5520A14.exe
Size: 4.49 MB
Version: A14 ,A14

Dell Inspiron 5520 Chipset

Realtek Card Reader Driver Download
File Name: Chipset_Driver_65JF8_WN_6.2.9200.39052_A01.EXE
Size: 17.36 MB
Version: 6.2.9200.39052 ,A01

Intel HM77 Chipset Driver Download

File Name: Chipset_Driver_1TPVN_WN_9.4.0.1026_A00.EXE
Size: 11.62 MB
Version: ,A00

Intel Management Engine Interface Driver Download

File Name: Chipset_Driver_D2CTT_WN_9.5.14.1724_A01.EXE
Size: 75.12 MB
Version: ,A01

Dell Inspiron 5520 Drivers Mouse, Keyboard & Input Devices

Dell TouchPad Driver Download
File Name: Input_Driver_KCKT5_WN_11.3.16.1_A07.EXE
Size: 46.18 MB
Version: ,A07

Dell Inspiron 5520 Drivers for Network (Bluetooth, Wireless, & LAN)

Dell Wireless 1704 WiFi + Bluetooth Driver Download
File Name: Network_Driver_GR38D_WN_6.30.223.245_A03.EXE
Size: 200.34 MB
Version: ,A03

Realtek RTL8105E/RTL8111E Ethernet Controller Driver Download

File Name: Network_Driver_0XCVW_WN_8.018.0621.2013_A00.EXE
Size: 12.39 MB
Version: 8.018.0621.2013 ,A00

Dell Wireless1703 802.11 b/g/n, BT4.0 + HS Driver Dell Wireless1901 802.11a/b/g/n (2.4GHz and 5GHz), Bluetooth v4.0+HS Driver Download

File Name: Network_Driver_7FPWR_WN_10.0.0.263_A00.EXE
Size: 271.57 MB
Version: ,A00

Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 2230 Bluetooth Driver Download

File Name: Network_Application_XR83W_WN_3.1.1307.0362_A00.EXE
Size: 37.38 MB
Version: 3.1.1307.0362 ,A00

Dell Inspiron 5520 Serial ATA

Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver Download
File Name: Serial-ATA_Driver_JX6H9_WN_12.8.0.1016_A00.EXE
Size: 22.83 MB
Version: ,A00

Dell Inspiron 5520 System Utilities

Intel Rapid Start Technology Driver Download
File Name: System-Utilities_Driver_7VYC3_WN_3.0.0.1056_A01.EXE
Size: 8.06 MB
Version: ,A01

Dell Inspiron 5520 Video Drivers

AMD Radeon HD 7670M/7730M Graphics Driver Download
File Name: Video_Driver_9NNDW_WN_13.151.0.0_A00.EXE
Size: 284.44 MB
Version: ,A00

Intel HD Graphics 4000 Driver Download

File Name: Video_Driver_KK6CK_WN_10.18.10.3277_A00.EXE
Size: 164.37 MB
Version: ,A00

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