Dell XPS 12 9250 Drivers Windows 10 64bit

Dell XPS 12 9250 Drivers Windows 10 64bit | The purchaser certainly finds the elegantly designed pill along the matching keyboard dock most of the add-ons for Dell's convertible. Furthermore, Dell's Premier Folio that protects the tool from scratching is also protected. The Folio can also be used as a holder/stand for the pill. 

Dell XPS 12 9250 Drivers Windows 10 64bit
Dell XPS 12 9250 Drivers Windows 10 64bit
The interface diversity of Dell's XPS 12 is very sincere: All enlargement interfaces are situated on the left and are restrained to a micro-SD card reader, two USB 3.1 Gen2 ports and a headset jack. Both USB three.1 Gen 2 ports aid the Thunderbolt three widespread, which lets in increasing the device with further external interfaces. An adapter for using the famous USB port is also in the field. Dell does now not install a dedicated energy socket within the XPS 12; one of the two USB 3.1 ports has to be used for that. Other adapters, along with Ethernet, DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA, are observed on the list of add-ons and ought to be purchased one by one.

Dell furnishes the XPS 12 with a Dual Wireless-AC 8260 module by using Intel for wireless conversation. The established Wi-Fi module additionally helps Bluetooth four.1. The wi-fi module can reach gross facts prices of 867 Mbit/s via 2x 801.Eleven ac. Unwelcomed interruptions in communication did now not arise throughout the test period. Internet browsing changed into viable with out problems even at a distance of approximately 15 meters to the router. Cabled community connections are simplest viable with a matching adapter.

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Dell XPS 12 9250 Drivers Windows 10 64bit
Dell XPS 12 9250 Drivers Windows 10 64bit

Dell XPS 12 9250 Drivers Windows 10 64bit

Dell XPS 12 9250 Application

Dell Update Application
File Name: Dell-Update-Application_31YHC_WIN_1.9.20.0_A00.EXE
Size: 8.08 MB
Version: ,A00

Dell Help & Support Application

File Name: Application_MCH9X_WN64_2.4.18.0_A00.EXE
Size: 49.41 MB

Dell Digital Delivery Application

File Name: Application_T43VY_WN32_3.1.1117.0_A00.EXE
Size: 8.25 MB
Version: 3.1.1117.0 ,A00

Dell Foundation Services – Application

File Name: Application_MRKHC_WN32_3.3.7200.0_A00.EXE
Size: 20.13 MB
Version: 3.3.7200.0 ,A00

Dell XPS 12 9250 Audio Driver

Realtek High-Definition Audio Driver
File Name: Audio_Driver_94YDD_WN32_6.0.1.6117_A07.EXE
Size: 279.72 MB
Version: ,A07

Dell XPS 12 9250 BIOS

Dell Latitude 7275 and XPS 12 9250 System BIOS
File Name: XPS_9250_Latitude_7275_1.1.32.exe
Size: 12.49 MB
Version: 1.1.32 ,1.1.32

Dell XPS 12 9250 Chipset

Intel(R) Thunderbolt(TM) Controller Driver
File Name: Chipset_Driver_J95RR_WN32_16.2.55.275_A01.EXE
Size: 67.16 MB
Version: ,A01

Intel Integrated Sensor Solution

File Name: Chipset_Driver_CNK2N_WN32_3.0.30.1076_A02_02.EXE
Size: 24.17 MB
Version: ,A02

Intel HID Event Filter Driver

File Name: Chipset_Driver_RV232_WN32_1.1.0.313_A01.EXE
Size: 9.25 MB
Version: ,A01

Intel Chipset Device Software Driver

File Name: Chipset_Driver_WGP6H_WN32_10.1.1.13_A03_01.EXE
Size: 10.32 MB
Version: ,A03

Realtek PCI-E Memory Card Reader Driver

File Name: Chipset_Driver_30XR4_WN32_10.0.14393.21292_A04_06.EXE
Size: 24.48 MB
Version: 10.0.14393.21292 ,A04

Intel(R) Management Engine Components Installer

File Name: Chipset_Driver_X37VM_WN32_11.5.0.1020_A01_14.EXE
Size: 106.44 MB
Version: ,A01

Intel Serial IO Driver

File Name: Chipset_Driver_FC98F_WN32_30.100.1633.3_A02.EXE
Size: 10.1 MB
Version: 30.100.1633.3 ,A02

Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework

File Name: Chipset_Driver_NWWR5_WN32_8.2.10900.330_A03_03.EXE
Size: 105.01 MB
Version: 8.2.10900.330 ,A03

Intel(R) Thunderbolt(TM) 3 Firmware Update

File Name: Intel_TBT3_FW_UPDATE_NVM16_A04_2.16.01.003.exe
Size: 532.33 KB
Version: ,A04

Dell Data Protection

Dell Data Protection | Encryption
File Name:
Size: 554.37 MB
Version: ,A24

Dell Data Protection | Security Tools

File Name:
Size: 352.71 MB
Version: ,A22

Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Recovery

File Name: DDPERecovery.
Size: 34.77 MB
Version: 1.1.0 ,A01

Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Security Suite

File Name:
Size: 683.11 MB
Version: ,A06

Dell XPS 12 9250 Docks/Stands Controller

Realtek USB GBE Ethernet Controller Driver
File Name: Docks_Stands_Driver_0GC43_WN32_2.43.2017.220_A04.EXE
Size: 16.87 MB
Version: 2.43.2017.220 ,A04

Realtek USB Audio Driver

File Name: Realtek-USB-Audio-Driver_80TGT_WIN_6.3.9600.85_A04.EXE
Size: 28.04 MB
Version: 6.3.9600.85 ,A04

Dell Wired Dock (WD15) / Docking Monitor Stand (DS1000) Firmware Update Utility

File Name: DellDockingStationFwUp_1.0.0.8_20161220_WD15.exe
Size: 2.06 MB
Version: ,

ASMedia USB 3.0 Extended Host Controller Driver

File Name: Docks_Stands_Driver_CH1P1_WN32_1.16.41.3_A03_01.EXE
Size: 16.6 MB
Version: ,A03

Dell XPS 12 9250 Modem/Communications

DW5811e Qualcomm Snapdragon X7 LTE and GPS driver
File Name: DW5811e-Qualcomm-Snapdragon-X7-LTE-and-GPS-driver_36M27_WIN_7.38.4672.503_A01.EXE
Size: 444.97 MB
Version: 7.38.4672.503 ,A01

Dell XPS 12 9250 Mouse, Keyboard & Input Devices

Intel 2D Imaging Driver
File Name: Input_Driver_V9X4F_WN32_30.14393.9656.3064_A03.EXE
Size: 143.49 MB
Version: 30.14393.9656.3064 ,A03

ALPS Track Pad Firmware Update

File Name: Input_Firmware_N7MDW_WN32_194.87.0.0_A01.EXE
Size: 7.4 MB
Version: ,A01

Dell Unifying Application

File Name: APP_IO_W7_W8_A00_Setup-9PPPW_ZPE.exe
Size: 2.51 MB
Version: 1.0.44 ,A00-00

Dell XPS 12 9250 Network (Dell XPS 12 9250 Drivers Wifi and Bluetooth)

Intel 8265/8260/18265/18260 Bluetooth Driver
File Name: Network_Driver_7JR0Y_WN32_19.30.1648.920_A15_01.EXE
Size: 25.7 MB
Version: 19.30.1648.920 ,A15

Intel 18260/17265/8260/7265/3165 WiFi Driver

File Name: Network_Driver_D0F37_WN32_19.2.0.1_A20.EXE
Size: 168.82 MB
Version: ,A20

Realtek USB GBE Ethernet Controller Driver

File Name: Network_Driver_12GX5_WN32_2.43.2016.1026_A03_03.EXE
Size: 16.88 MB
Version: 2.43.2016.1026 ,A03

INTEL 8265/8260/7265 WAPI Application

File Name: INTEL-8265-8260-7265-WAPI-Application_FWY24_WIN_1.9.0.1_A01_01.EXE
Size: 10.15 MB
Version: ,A01

Dell XPS 12 9250 System Utilities

Dell 64BIT BIOS Flash Utility
File Name:
Size: 200.57 KB
Version: A00 ,A00

Dell Command | Power Manager

File Name: System-Utilities_Application_0X5N4_WN32_2.1.1.EXE
Size: 22.62 MB
Version: 2.1.1 ,A00

Connected Standby Battery Saver Settings Utility

File Name:
Size: 578 Bytes
Version: B01 ,A00

Intel Virtual Button Driver

File Name: System-Utilities_Driver_G5D95_WN32_1.1.0.21_A00.EXE
Size: 8.11 MB
Version: ,A00

Dell XPS 12 9250 Systems Management

Dell Command | PowerShell Provider
File Name:
Size: 2.85 MB
Version: ,A00

Dell Command | Deploy XPS 9250 Windows 10 Driver Pack

File Name: 9250-Win10-A08-M08ND.xml
Size: 174.71 KB
Version: 1.0 ,A08

Dell Command | Deploy WinPE 10.0 Driver Pack

File Name: WinPE10.0-Drivers-A04-942XJ.xml
Size: 48.98 KB
Version: 1.0 ,A04

Dell Command | Configure

File Name: Systems-Management_Application_18F4W_WN32_3.2.0.209_A01.EXESize: 27.52 MB
Version: ,A01

Dell Command | Update

File Name: Systems-Management_Application_FXD2R_WN32_2.3.0_A00-00.EXESize: 95.08 MB
Version: 2.3.0 ,A00

Dell Command | Monitor

File Name: Systems-Management_Application_240JD_WN32_9.2.0.135_A00-00.EXESize: 22.79 MB
Version: ,A00-00

Dell Command | Integration Suite for Microsoft System Center 2012

File Name: DCIS_13_ZPE.exeSize: 13.11 MB
Version: 4.2 ,A00
Last Updated: 07 Apr 2017

Dell Command | Intel® vPro™ Out of Band

File Name: DCIV_255_ZPE.exeSize: 10.08 MB
Version: 2.1 ,A00

Dell XPS 12 9250 Video (Dell XPS 12 9250 Drivers VGA)

Intel HD, 4200, 5300, 5500, 6000, 515, 520, 530, P530, Iris 540 Graphics Driver
File Name: Video_Driver_XPJ04_WN32_20.19.15.4531_A04.EXESize: 212.77 MB
Version: ,A04

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